JSMA namespaces


The JSMA namespaces provides access to the namespaces (JSMA namespace) in the instance.

What can JSMA namespaces do for me?

You can use the JSMA namespaces to access namespaces in the database



reading data

Here is an example on how to read data from a JSMA namespaces:

namespaces.find(term, [limit])


The JSMA namespaces provides the following methods:

namespace[] namespaces.find(term, [options={}])

The function signature namespaces.find(term, [limit]) is deprecated and will produce a warning in log files.

Returns the JSMA namespace(s) that match the given term


namespaces.find(term, {limit : 10})

namespaces.find(term, [limit]) // deprecated

Parameter term (required)

Parameter options:object (optional)

If no value for limit is provided, the default value of 10 will be used.

namespace namespaces.findById(id)

Returns the JSMA namespace with the given id

Avoid usage of findById

Ids change whenever a package is reimported. So please avoid using ids whenever possible. Also delivering contents to users by id might make it possible for users to flip through the files (and by that see contents of others possibly) by changing the ids in requests.



Parameter id (required)

namespace namespaces.findByName(name)

Returns the JSMA namespace with the given name



Parameter name (required)