JSMA mail


With JSMA mail you can send an email

What can JSMA mail do for me?

The JSMA mail lets you dispatch multipart emails allowing you to send a plain text body and attachments along with your HTML email.



The JSMA mail provides the following methods:

bool mail.send(recipients, subject, body, from_name, from_email, [plain_body], [portal], [files])

Dispatches an email to one or multiple recipients.

Returns true if sending was successful, or false if it wasn't.


else if (itemAction === "recommendFriends")
  var recommendationName = request.parameter("rn");
  var recommendationFriends = request.parameter("rf");
  var recommendationMessage = request.parameter("rm");
  var portal = getCurrentPortal();  
  var mailTemplateBodyName = portal.get("customers.recommendFriendsMailBody");  
  var mailTemplateSubjectName = portal.get("customers.recommendFriendsMailSubject");  
  var mailSender = portal.get("service.mail");  
  var mailSenderName = portal.get("service.mailSender");  
  var mailTemplateBody = contents.findByName(mailTemplateBodyName);  
  var mailTemplateSubject = contents.findByName(mailTemplateSubjectName);  

  var recommendationFriendMails = recommendationFriends.split(",");
  for (var i=0;i<recommendationFriendMails.length;i++)
    var recommendationFriendMail = recommendationFriendMails[i].trim(); 
    mail.send(recommendationFriendMail, mailTemplateSubject.content, mailTemplateBody.content, mailSenderName, mailSender);      

Parameter recipients:string[] (required)

A string or an array of strings which will be used as email recipients.

Parameter subject:string (required)

The email subject

Parameter body:string (required)

The email body.

Parameter from_name:string (required)

The name that will displayed next to the sender's email address.

Parameter from_email:string (required)

The email address that will be used in the FROM field of the message.

Parameter plain_body:string (optional)

An alternative plaintext body for the message.

Parameter portal:portal (optional)

A JSMA portal from which the smpt credentials shall be used.

Parameter files:file[] (optional)

A single JSMA file or a list.

The file(s) will be used as attachment(s) in the message.