The IKONA Solution

IKONA - A solid foundation for your web 2 product activities

The IKONA solution provides you with all important components to develop, operate and extend your web 2 product activities. The two main components are IFE (IKONA FrontEnd) and IBE (IKONA BackEnd).


The IFE is a webbased system for:

  • Developing the portals for your end customers
  • Manage your Productdata from name and description to own data extension
  • Managing the Helpdesk

The current major version is IFE 4.0.


The IBE is a webbased system for:

  • Converting your web orders from IFE into producable orders for many vendors
  • Managing the different product conversion with constraints and check routines to ensure production quality
  • Reviewing live production pipeline data
  • Reviewing live revenue data


The IBE provides you with a generic API for issuing orders and items. By that you could also connect other systems like your offline clients or other Webbased system to leverage your production adapters.

The current major version is IBE 2.0.


The IBEW is a subcomponent of the IBE for:

  • Asynchronously processing your production data from webformat to the specific vendor format
  • Retrieving vendor production states and merging them into the IBE database

The current major version is IBEW 2.0.