IFE Background Jobs


Sometimes in web applications you may want to perform work in the background for various reasons. In IFE this is possible with the Jobs facility (System → Jobs).

First you setup a Job Profile (System → Jobs → Jobprofile bearbeiten → Jobprofil anlegen). It controls the behaviour of the jobs using that profile. Then you push an job into the queue and supply arguments for it.
Jobs will be performed in the background and retried in the case of errors depending on the profile settings.

There is a dashboard in the IFE Admin to manage the jobs and the job profiles (System → Jobs):

Job States

The possbile states of a job are:

  • new
  • running
  • error
  • fatal
  • done

Job Profiles

A Job Profile has the following settings:

  • Title - A label for the profile
  • Retries - The total number of tries that will be made when performing a job.
  • Wait - The number of seconds between retries. This can be a formula where i is replaced with the count of the current try.
  • Handler Content - The macro content that will be executed.
  • Fatal Content - The macro content that will be executed once the job goes into fatal state.
  • Mail Notification - Whether to send an email in the case a job goes into fatal state.


See the JSMA jobs documentation on how to queue a job and supply arguments.