Entity types and states


You can find here a list of possible types and the different states of an entity.


An entity can be of one of the following types:



States are grouped together in ranges, depending on the type of operation.

Scheduling operations0-9
Fetching operations10-19
Draining operations20-29
Deleting operations


Error states90-99

The following states have been defined so far:

NEW0Entity has been created by the API
SCHEDULED1The schedule worker went over this entry and marked it for the fetch worker
IS_FETCHING10The entity is being downloaded
FETCHED11The entity has been downloaded; the corresponding storage entity has been created
TO_BE_COPIED12The storageEntity should be copied from another storageEntity
IS_COPYING13The storageEntity is actual copied from another storageEntity
TO_BE_MOVED20The storageEntity has been marked for draining
IS_MOVING21The storageEntity is currently draining to another storage
MOVED22The storageEntity has been drained
IS_DELETING30The entity is currently being deleted
IS_DELETING_BINARY31The actual binary file is currently being deleted from a storage  - only the binary-file, not the entry in the database
DELETED_BINARY32The actual binary file was deleted from a storage
TO_BE_DELETED33The entity is scheduled to be deleted
TO_BE_DELETED_BINARY34The binary file of the entity is scheduled to be deleted
CANCELLED80This entity has been cancelled
FETCHED_ERROR90An error has occured while trying to fetch an entity
DELETING_ERROR91An error has occured while deleting an entity or file
MOVING_ERROR92An error has occured while moving a file between storages
FETCHED_NO_SPACE_ERROR93There was no space left when the fetch-worker tried to download the entity
FATAL_FETCHED_ERROR94The fetch-worker tried already "fetchtries"-times to download the entity, or there was a severe problem when downloading the entity ( e.g. file not found)